Salimpour Certification

The Salimpour School is the gold standard in belly dance education. Whether you’re an aspiring performer, a seasoned professional, or a passionate enthusiast, our certification program will transform your dance journey. Join a global community dedicated to excellence, innovation, and the rich tradition of belly dance. 

Why Study with Us?

  • A Legacy of Excellence: Founded by the legendary Jamila Salimpour and continued by her daughter, Suhaila Salimpour, our school has been at the forefront of belly dance education for decades. Our certification program, the first in belly dance, combines the depth of tradition with contemporary techniques to create a holistic and comprehensive learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our structured curriculum, presented through online classes, Institute courses, classes, and workshops, is tiered. It ensures that you build a solid foundation while progressively learning about Suhaila’s somatic belly dance method, the Salimpour Vocabulary, history and culture context, choreography, performance skills, and more!
  • Cultural Richness: Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of belly dance, with a special focus on the traditions of the SWANA (Southwest Asia and North Africa) region and its diaspora. Understand the roots and evolution of this beautiful art form, and learn how to honor and respect its origins in your practice.
  • Inclusive and Welcoming Environment: At the Salimpour School, we believe that dance is for everyone. We welcome learners of all genders, body sizes, ages, and backgrounds. Our supportive and inclusive community celebrates diversity and fosters a space where every dancer feels valued and empowered.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from highly trained and accomplished instructors and peer leaders who bring experience and a passion for teaching. Our instructor team includes professional performers and educators dedicated to helping you achieve your highest potential.

The Benefits of Certification

Recognition and Respect

Gain recognition for your dedication and skill. Our certification is respected and recognized globally, opening doors to teaching, performing, and professional opportunities.

Personal Growth and Empowerment

Belly dance is not just an art form; it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Enhance your confidence, express your creativity, and connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

Professional Development

Take your career to the next level. Our certification program equips you with the skills and credentials to become a sought-after instructor or performer. Stand out in the competitive dance industry with the prestigious Salimpour certification.

Community and Connection

Join a global network of dancers who share your passion. Engage in our supportive community. Build lifelong friendships and professional connections.

Adding Your Voice

Add your voice to our mission of elevating this dance form, its roots, traditions, and music. Together, our collective voices can and do make a difference.

Current certification membership is required to participate in the Salimpour Certification Program.

To maintain current certification, subscribe to any of the options below.

Online Class Subscriptions

For our certified dancers, thank you for being a part of our program. Your certification membership is waived if you are a current online class subscriber.

Recurring Certification

Please note that these subscriptions are for recurring certification fees only and do not provide access to any class or course content.

Your investment in the Salimpour School Certification Program directly contributes to:

Educational Programs

Expanding our offerings to include new and upgraded courses that enrich your learning experience.

Online Classes Content

Producing more videos, tutorials, and streaming events accessible to our worldwide learners.

Institute Courses

Continuously updating and refining our curriculum with the latest techniques, research, and feedback.

Learning Resources

Providing additional study materials, guides, and tools to support your journey
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Thank you for helping us maintain and grow the standard of excellence at the Salimpour School!

What our learners say

Read stories of people who have changed their lives with our programs.
“ I wanted to challenge myself and continue to grow, not only in terms of technique but also in learning the cultural context surrounding the dance, history, and musical interpretation. I really appreciated learning the choreographies in this course because they exposed me to pieces of music.”
Morgan Fay - Portland, Oregon, USA
“ Suhaila's format is super fun. They are creative and continue to challenge and educate me as a dancer. During the course, they asked us to explore the dance form that inspires us, including costuming and personas. I loved delving into the cultural context of everything. "
Chantal - London, UK
"I chose the Salimpour School because it's a school that honors our bodies, minds, and emotions. It doesn't matter where you are in your path or journey of belly dancing; you will always have something new, exciting, and profound to learn."
Marwa Gomez - Chile