Welcome to Fundamentals 2

Delve into the rich historical vocabulary of belly dance with our five-week Salimpour belly dance historical vocabulary course. Explore the fundamental elements that have shaped this vibrant art form, guided by the legacy and expertise of Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour. This course offers a profound understanding of the cultural roots and evolution of belly dance, making it as relevant today as it was decades ago.
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Format: Pre-recorded content with instructor feedback and Q&A
  • Optional Certification following course: Validate your skills and boost your confidence

What You Will Learn

 Introduction to the historical vocabulary of Salimpour belly dance

Key step families with cultural sentiment and stylization

Stronger awareness of the movements required using Suhaila’s somatic method

How the Process Works



Register and get access to the content when the semester begins.



Follow the structured weekly lessons.



Ask questions and receive feedback from our experienced instructors.



Implement the dance through guided practice.



Optionally test your knowledge and skills for certification.

Why Study with Us?

  • Legacy: Suhaila Salimpour has dedicated her career to preserving and teaching the vocabulary of belly dance.
  • Authority: The Salimpour School is globally recognized for its thorough and culturally sensitive approach to belly dance education.
  • Community: Join a worldwide network of dancers passionate about the historical and cultural dimensions of belly dance.
  • Unique Methodology: Our method integrates rooted somatic practice with a deep understanding of cultural heritage.

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Historical Relevance of the Salimpour Vocabulary

The Salimpour vocabulary encapsulates the rich history and cultural essence of belly dance, originating from the SWANA region. The Salimpours’ documentation and teaching of this vocabulary have preserved its legitimacy and relevance. Today, dancers around the world continue to use and respect this vocabulary for its depth and historical significance, ensuring the tradition remains vibrant and true to its roots.

Case Study:  Why Our Course Works

Take the example of Emma, a student with a keen interest in the cultural history of belly dance. Through the Fundamentals 2 course, she gained a comprehensive understanding of the Salimpour vocabulary and its historical context. This not only enhanced her technical skills but also deepened her appreciation for the cultural heritage of belly dance. Emma's experience showcases the enriching impact of our curriculum.

Addressing Your Concerns

I have no background in belly dance. Will I be able to follow?

Absolutely. This course is designed for beginners, with clear explanations and contextual information to ensure you grasp the essentials.

Is online learning effective for understanding the dance vocabulary?

Yes! Our well-structured lessons and interactive feedback provide a robust learning experience. The flexibility of online learning allows you to absorb the material at your own pace, with expert guidance always available.

This Course Is For You If

  • You are interested in learning the fundamental vocabulary of belly dance.
  •  You seek a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical aspects of the art form.
  • You appreciate a structured, methodical approach to learning dance vocabulary.

This Course Is Not For You If

  • You are not comfortable with online learning, this course might not be a good fit.
  • You are unable to make a five-week commitment at this time.


Fundamentals 1 (S201a) is strongly recommended as a precursor to the Fundamentals 2 course. Fundamentals 2 builds on what you learn in Fundamentals 1. 

The Journey

Typical new learners approach the course with a blend of curiosity, tentative exploration, and occasional apprehension, uncertain about what to expect or their potential for success. Yet, as they advance through the structured curriculum, they uncover the beauty of movements that resonate deeply and gain a profound understanding and appreciation for the cultural heritage of belly dance. By the end of the course, they emerge with the confidence to continue their belly dance journey.

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About Suhaila Salimpour and the Salimpour School

Suhaila Salimpour and the Salimpour School stand as unparalleled leaders in the world of belly dance, blending rich tradition with contemporary innovation. Suhaila, a master choreographer, performer, and instructor, has revolutionized the art form through her own somatic method, which emphasizes a deep connection between mind and body. Teaching since the 1970s, Suhaila has dedicated decades to refining and sharing her unique approach. She is also a trailblazer in digital education, launching the first online class site for belly dance in 2008. Today, this platform offers over 1,000 hours of content, making high-quality instruction accessible to dancers worldwide. 

Under her guidance, the Salimpour School has become a beacon for dancers globally, offering comprehensive training programs that honor the legacy of Suhaila's mother, Jamila Salimpour, a pioneering figure in modern belly dance. The school is committed to fostering respect for the validity and legitimacy of this art form for the SWANA (South West Asia and North Africa) region and its diaspora. By fostering a community that values discipline, creativity, and cultural appreciation, Suhaila and the Salimpour School continue to elevate the global standard of belly dance, inspiring dancers to achieve excellence and express their unique artistry.

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Join Us in Honoring the Cultural Heritage of the SWANA Region

At the Salimpour School, we celebrate the traditions and community spirit of the SWANA region through belly dance. Our courses are crafted to foster a deep respect and understanding of this captivating art, connecting students with its rich cultural diversity. Whether you aspire to become a professional dancer or are pursuing belly dance as a fulfilling hobby, the Salimpour School offers a supportive and enriching environment for your journey. Enroll today and take the first step towards a deeper connection with yourself and the art of belly dance.