Choreography Permissions

As a School, we fully support responsible representation of our performing art form. As the purchaser of this choreography, you have permission and our encouragement to perform the choreography as a soloist provided full credit is given to both the choreographer and music. 

We also fully support the intellectual property of our artists. To teach the choreography (whether for profit or nonprofit) or to perform the choreography as a group, official permission from Suhaila Salimpour / Suhaila International is required.  To perform the choreography as inclusion with a profit-making product (DVD, subscription site, etc.), permission is required. In addition to permission, a licensing fee may apply. 

Choreography notes and instructional videos also have copyright protection. You may make copies of notes for yourself, but you may not share the document or videos (or any duplicates of such) with students or dancers without official permission of the School.

To request permissions, please submit the following information and allow 2-3 weeks for processing and response.

Requested Information
  - Your full name
  - City, State, Country
  - Time or Time frame
  - Number of students or performers
  - Venue Details
  - Link to studio or event (if available)
Include any Salimpour School Certification or Licensing credentials (if applicable)