Welcome to the Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education

The Exclusive Home of the Salimpour School Certification Program
At the Institute, we offer an unparalleled online educational experience for dancers of all levels. As the exclusive home of the Salimpour School certification program, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and structured training to elevate your dance skills and knowledge.

Our Certification Program

Our program is meticulously designed to guide you through every stage of your dance journey, ensuring a solid foundation and growth opportunities. We offer four main certification levels and teacher licensing.

Fundamentals 1 and 2

Start your journey with Fundamentals, the essential first step for every dancer. These 6 and 5 week courses cover basic techniques and movements that form the foundation of Suhaila Salimpour’s somatic belly dance method and historic Salimpour Vocabulary. Optional certification testing available after each course.

Foundations 1 and 2

Build upon your fundamental skills with our Foundations courses. The 200-level delves deeper into somatic movement and the second tier of Salimpour Vocabulary steps. There are two 12-week courses, and optional certification testing is available after each course.

Integrations 1 and 2

In the Integrations level, you will learn to seamlessly layer with both Suhaila’s somatic method and the Salimpour Vocabulary, enhancing your ability to perform fluidly and expressively. The 300-level includes two 12 week courses. Optional certification testing available after each course.

Advanced Performance 1 and 2

Reach the pinnacle of your dance education with our Advanced Performance courses. This 400-level focuses on perfecting your performance skills, stage presence, and artistic expression. Two 12 week courses. Optional certification testing available after each course.

Teacher Licensing

We also offer a specialized Teacher Licensing program to equip you with skills to teach the Salimpour School methodology.
We have three licensing levels.

Fundamental Licensing

For those who wish to teach the basics of the Salimpour methodology. 

Foundational Licensing

For those who want to teach Salimpour Foundations level content..

Professional Licensing

For experienced instructors to expand their Salimpour teaching skills.

Why Choose Suhaila Salimpour Institute?

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from the best in the field.
  • Structured Curriculum: Follow a clear, progressive path from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Flexible Learning: Access high-quality education from the comfort of your home.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Validate your skills and knowledge with optional certification tests.
  • Community Support: Join a global community of dancers and instructors who share your passion.
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Embark on your dance journey with the Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer aiming to perfect your craft, our certification program offers the structured, high-quality education you need.

1. Start with the 100 Level

100 level
Fundamentals 1
Fundamentals 2

2. Continue level-by-level, earning certifications along the way.

200 Level
Foundations 1
Foundations 2
300 Level
Integrations 1
Integrations 2
400 Level
Advanced Performance 1
Advanced Performance 2

3. Obtain optional Instructor Licensing as part of your process.

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after successful completion of Foundations 1 and 2
Teaching Skills 1
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after successful completion of teaching skills 1
Teaching Skills 2
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after successful completion of Advanced performance 1 & 2 and teaching skills 2
Teaching Skills 3