Arabian Musicals Vol. 3

The Arabian Musical series features well-rounded music selections for belly dance performance, choreography, and practice. This third volume is an extraordinarily beautiful presentation of classical Middle Eastern music featuring Fathi Al Jarrah on violin and Ziad Islambouli on drum. 
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  • 1. Seit El Housen
  • 2. Yanna Yanna
  • 3. Drum Solo
  • 4. Nebtiti Mnein El Hikeiya
  • 5. Ali Gara
  • 6. En Rah Ninnik Ya Ein
  • 7. Drum Solo
Some of Suhaila's most popular choreographies are to compositions from this volume. See the advanced Yanna Yanna choreography (with cymbals) on both the Sheherezade DVD and the Ensemble Performance DVD. Track 7 is the music for the required Level 2 choreography.Normal text.