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Cane Dance

Course overview
Learn Suhaila Salimpour’s upbeat Cane Dance choreography! Originally choreographed for Suhaila’s Percussion Show, this fast-paced Lebanese-style cane dance features quick and sudden locks and turns.

The choreography requires stamina and skill to maintain the dance while working a cane fluidly with control. Great for individuals and groups and various types of shows. Choreography notes and music track included.

Taught step-by-step using Suhaila’s easy-to-follow methodology in one class. Learn in one setting or use the provided multi-week plan. 

Salimpour Foundations (200-level) experience strongly recommended. This choreography is part of the current Bal Anat repertoire.
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  • Choreographer: Suhaila Salimpour
  • Access: 8 weeks
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Watch the choreography in performance.

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