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El Samer

Course overview
Learn Suhaila’s El Samer choreography, her homage to the 1970s, a heyday in belly dance. El Samer embodies the grand, elegant and sensuous flavor of belly dance at that time. Picture glamorous Nagwa Fouad in her vibrant costume with bright blue eyeshadow. Full of Salimpour Vocabulary with strong finger cymbal work, this choreography coordinates with any stylization, fitting easily into a classical, American cabaret, or fusion performance. Choreography notes provided. 

Suhaila teaches the choreography step-by-step in her easy-to-follow methodology in one master class. Learn in one session or use the provided eight-week training plan. 

Salimpour Fundamentals (100-level) experience recommended.
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  • Choreographer: Suhaila Salimpour
  • Access: 8 weeks
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Watch the choreography performance

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