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Elf Leyla wa Leyla

Course overview
Learn Suhaila’s Elf Leyla wa Leyla choreography with its exciting rhythm and tempo changes. Having danced to the piece throughout her dance career, Suhaila choreographed the piece in the late 1990s to help her students learn how to dance to classic Middle Eastern compositions. With a bit of Nagwa Fouad energy, embody the dreamy qualities of 1001 Nights. Choreography notes and music track included.

Suhaila teaches the choreography step-by-step in her easy-to-follow methodology in two classes. Learn in one setting or use the provided eight week plan. Access: 8 weeks.

Salimpour Fundamentals (100-level) experience recommended.
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  • Choreographer: Suhaila Salimpour
  • Access: 8 weeks

Watch the choreography in performance.

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