Maqam on 'Ud and Violin -  

Delve into the world of Middle Eastern music with a curated selection of maqam for belly dancers, arranged to provide an understanding of traditional melodies. Employing an alternating track format, each maqam is meticulously rendered on both the 'ud and violin, allowing dancers to explore tonal subtleties. From the dynamic rhythms of "Hijaz" to the emotive strains of "Bayati," each track immerses dancers in the vibrant moods and textures of Middle Eastern music. 
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This album is an invaluable tool for dancers seeking to deepen their connection to the music that moves them. This album features virtuosos on their instruments. Fathi Al Jarrah - composer and musician - plays the violin. Ahmad Doughan - composer, musician, recording artist - plays the 'ud. 


  • 1. Maqām 'ajam ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 2. Maqām 'ajam (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 3. Maqām Bayāti ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 4. Maqām Bayāti (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 5. Maqām Hijāz ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 6. Maqām Hijāz (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 7. Maqām Kurd ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 8. Maqām Kurd (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 9. Maqām Nahāwand ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 10. Maqām Nahāwand (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 11. Maqām Nikriz ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 12. Maqām Nikriz (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 13. Maqām Rāst ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 14. Maqām Rāst (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 15. Maqām Sabā ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 16. Maqām Sabā (Violin, Violin Song)
  • 17. Maqām Sikah ('ud, 'ud Song)
  • 18. Maqām Sikah (Violin, Violin Song)