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Raks Suhaila

Course overview
Learn Suhaila's Raks Suhaila choreography from her legendary Unveiled performance. The choreography has a late 1980s Egyptian stylization, including big body locks that were in fashion then. The composition features a grand veil entrance with a traditional promenade, dramatic tempo changes, and a dynamic windup into the finale. Toward the end is a Saidi section with optional cane that connects traditional folk music with the more modern composition, again representative of Egyptian stylization. Choreography notes and music track included.

Taught in an easy-to-follow approach using Suhaila's methodology and terminology in four classes presented over six weeks.

Salimpour Foundations (200-level) experience is strongly recommended.
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  • Choreographer: Suhaila Salimpour
  • Access: 10 weeks
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Watch the choreography in performance.

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