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The Salimpour School Belly Dance Compendium

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The Compendium includes a collection of topics written by Abigail Keyes that was inspired by Jamila's Article Book. Students need a solid, referenced, and verified introduction to topics from which they can begin their own research. Ms. Keyes has created that resource with topics from "What is 'the Middle East'?" and "The Harem" to "Orientalism" and "Feminism". If you are a belly dancer, you need this reference book! Although the book can be used alone, it is important to remember that the scope and selected topics were limited to those raised in Jamila's Article Book.

The 180+ page volume has full cover images throughout and is divided into four sections with detailed notes and references. The book is organized by Contents and Index, and a lengthy Bibliography is provided for additional research. This volume also includes an expanded 40+ page biography of Jamila Salimpour written by Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour. Sections:

Part 1: The Salimpour Story 1936-1985
Part 2: The Middle East and the Origins of Belly Dance
Part 3: The West Discovers the Middle East
Part 4: Belly Dance in the U.S.