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Online classes with the world-renowned Suhaila Salimpour, with over five decades of performance and teaching experience. Be part of the actual pre-recorded classes with real students filmed documentary style. 
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The World's No.1 Belly Dance Education and Training

For All Skill Levels. 
We train dancers, whether they are hobbyists or professionals, with the same level of dedication and commitment.
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Real classes with real students

Suhaila started online classes in 2008, being something completely new in the world of dance and fitness. We put cameras in the corners of the dance studio, editing live.

Training plans

We have training plans designed for you, to go at your own pace. You will have access to all classes, whether hobbyist or professional.

Featured choreographies

To apply what you learn in class, you will have access to rotating choreographies, most featuring SWANA music.

Learn cultural context and history

We are the source for the world-renowned Suhaila Salimpour Belly Dance Format and the Jamila Salimpour Bellydance Vocabulary.

 Suhaila Salimpour is a leading instructor and mentor in belly dance with over five decades of teaching and performance experience.

For all skill levels

Whether you are just starting out on your belly dancing journey or are a seasoned dancer, there is always something new and exciting to learn at the school.

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World-renowned belly dance instructor and performer. 
Learn from the best 

Suhaila Salimpour

As a child, she took countless dance classes, training in everything from ballet to Bharatnatyam, while also touring with her mother to assist with dance workshops to teach The Salimpour Method around the world.

Suhaila developed the first-ever certification program in Middle Eastern dance. Today, the Salimpour School has licensed instructors all over the world and a thriving community of students, connected through a comprehensive online class subscription site and the Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education. A program where everyone is welcome to join.

22,345 students and counting

Witness it first hand, directly from our lovely students.
"I chose the Salimpour School because it's a school that honors our bodies, minds, and emotions. It doesn't matter where you are in your path or journey of belly dancing; you will always have something new, exciting, and profound to learn."

Marwa Gomez 

“ Suhaila's format is super fun. They are creative and continue to challenge and educate me as a dancer. During the course, they asked us to explore the dance form that inspires us, including costuming and personas. I loved delving into the cultural context of everything. Suhaila motivated and encouraged me to take this course, even though I was going through a difficult time in my life. I feel so loved and supported by this dance community. It reminds me why love dancing. ”


London, UK
“ I wanted to challenge myself and continue to grow, not only in terms of technique but also in learning the cultural context surrounding the dance, history, and musical interpretation. I really appreciated learning the choreographies in this course because they exposed me to pieces of music. They taught me how to express myself emotionally and connect with an audience. The choreographies were perfect for applying the techniques I learned each week. ”

Morgan Fay

Portland, Oregon, USA
“I'm a middle-aged dancer and hobbyist who started dancing in middle age. These classes provide me with a safe way to dance, understand my body and injuries, work with them, and work through them. I have learned so much about core technique and movement. I believe this is something accessible to dancers of any age or background. I have never worked so hard, learned so much, or had so much fun doing something I truly love. It's fun, rewarding, and part of a great community. I think you will enjoy it here”.

Helena H.

Maryland, USA
“I chose the Salimpour School because I appreciate the guided nature of the program. I think the curriculum is extremely robust. I have been a member of the school for over 20 years now, and I can tell you that I continually feel like I am growing and developing as a dancer. Additionally, we have an incredible network of dancers and mentors, all rooting for each other. I am so proud to be part of this school”.

Angelique H.

“The Salimpour School provides a well-rounded education. It encourages us to dig deeper into belly dance history. It allows us to engage in conversation. It helps us to set goals and help us to reach those goals, and most importantly, they have amazing instructors, that are talented and professional”.

Kenya K.

New York, USA
“Taking this course was perfect for me to prepare for my certification. I was able to research golden-era dancers and have some fun with entrances and exits. Learn to do my hair and make-up for my belly dance performance. Also, the classes are very easy to fit into my lifestyle. I was scared of feeling ridiculous while dancing, but this format helps you to feel comfortable with your body and movements, and have fun with the choreography, and I was surprised to see what I was able to project, I didn't think I would be able to do that, and I did”. 


Dublin, Ireland
“I have 20 years dancing as a performer, but taking Salimpour Schools classes, got me to think outside of what I usually do, it challenged me to try, not only movements but also, styling myself for the performances. Feeling creative again with imagining whole looks and costumes and characters. I was used to having in-person education, but you feel the professional guidance through all the experience and the support of a beautiful dance community”.


Portland, USA
“As a trained dancer for my entire life, I've always lived and believed, that you needed to go back and revisit the basics. My favorite part was to be able to do the research and learn ahead of time and there is such a wealth of knowledge in the books and the reading through the Institute and Jamila's articles. Even though it’s an online institute, the quality of the education is amazing. I loved that through difficult times the institute has been a beautiful companion to help me get back on track. It keeps me motivated as a dancer. I love to be part of this family”.


The Salimpour School 

Full Access Subscription

Each training plan is carefully crafted to target specific techniques and skills, ensuring you develop a strong foundation.
  • "Sampler" Introduction Course
  • Monthly live-streaming classes and meetings with Suhaila and instructors
  • Fundamentals Eight-week rotation for beginners or those new to the format
  • Over 48 eight-week plans encompassing 3 levels
  • Choreographies
  • Special topics courses and master classes
  • Dance movement classes
  • Folkloric Fusion classes